Objective: This document establishes the preventive measures implemented by the Hotel Hare Uta, in order to reduce the risk of contagion by Covid-19 among its guests in the process of safely reopening tourism companies. It contains, first of all, mandatory measures and those indicated by the "Step by Step Plan" of the Government of Chile, as a gradual strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Likewise, additional preventive measures are established, moving towards a Zero Contagion Policy, taking national and international experience as a reference.


Scope: The scope of this Protocol is applicable to all guests of the Hare Uta Hotel.


Preventive Measures:

  1. There is a social distance of at least 1 meter, in different common areas of the establishment (reception, restaurant access and buffet self-service).

  2. At the reception, guests will be informed of the mandatory use of face masks.

  3. In places where queues/rows could form (reception and buffet self-service), the social distance of at least 1 meter has been demarcated. With this, it is guaranteed the minimum established distance for guests who are waiting for their turn.

  4. The accesses have visible signage. The guest must fully respect the demarcated area for entering and leaving the hotel, always trying to move to their right. "Walk to your right, let's all take care of ourselves."

  5. The use of a face mask is mandatory in all common areas, which is clearly marked.

  6. Gel alcohol dispensers are also distributed throughout the establishment in places of passage and in those facilities of intensive use by customers, preferably in entry and exit areas, and restaurant.

  7. The capacities of the different common spaces (reception and restaurant) are established and signposted.

  8. When entering with your car you must respect the signs indicated as pedestrian crossings and authorized parking space.

  9. Before entering reception, non-invasive temperature control must be carried out at the Sanitary Point (Totem), using a thermometer with a sensor. Whoever shows a temperature above 37.8 °C will be recommended to attend Hanga Roa hospital (emergency) and will not be allowed to enter the Hotel. In the same way, the temperature control will be carried out every time you enter the hotel. This temperature check will be recorded by the receptionist on duty.

  10. In said Sanitary Point (Totem) there will also be a disinfectant solution through a dispenser, where the guest must properly disinfect their hands.

  11. The receptionist will have a mandatory face mask at all times.

  12. The receptionist will inform of all the preventive measures of the hotel and the way of dissemination (informative QR Code in the room and at reception).

  13. In reception there will be a key hanger, which will serve to open the room. The key will have contact only with the guest.

  14. When sharing pencils, it is disinfected after use. 

  15. The Hotel has the badge of its commitment to comply with the Covid-19 protocols published by SERNATUR, related to the implementation of protocols and guides of good sanitary practices necessary to provide security to collaborators and guests. This badge is distributed in different areas of the Hotel.

  16. At the reception, guests will be informed of the health services to know which of them can resort in case of need for medical attention, having available the telephone numbers, addresses and means of transport that could provide service, in the event that the guests require guidance.

  17. Preventive information is disseminated through a QR Code in all hotel rooms.

  18. Contactless payment, with bank cards or electronic transfers, is encouraged, cleaning the payment POS before and after each use. As a preventive measure, payments with cash will be avoided.

  19. All Hotel payment POS will be vacuum sealed and disinfected before and after use.

  20. Natural ventilation is carried out at the time of cleaning and disinfection of the hotel, ensuring the renewal of sufficient air in the establishment. The windows of the halls of each house and restaurant will be opened at 07:00 a.m. and for at least 20 minutes. This measure will be carried out daily in the dependencies.

  21. The months of attention are cleaned and disinfected before and after serving each guest, as detailed in the Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol for Common Areas.

  22. Contact areas such as the keyboard, screen, telephone and other elements are constantly disinfected, as detailed in the Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol for Common Areas.

  23. The exterior areas of the hotel will be cleaned and disinfected twice a day with a sprayer. The interior common areas, including the reception, will be cleaned and disinfected 6 times a day with a sprayer, as indicated in the Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol for Common Areas.

  24. In interior areas, specifically in armchairs, curtains and carpets, a daily disinfection process is carried out with a sprayer.

  25. Sanitary services are cleaned and disinfected (twice per shift) according to the Sanitary Services Protocol established for all facilities.

  26. Hotel rooms are cleaned and sanitized as detailed in the Room Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol, where each room after the guest's stay will be disinfected with a spray.

  27. The use of disinfectant spray (Lisoform) will be sought at the reception, at least three times during business hours, to disinfect the environment. The spray should not be used on users or officials, its safe use should be arranged, at the entrance, noon and in the afternoon, then ventilate the place for a few minutes.

  28. For cleaning and disinfection products, there is a supplier's guarantee (ECOLAB), similarly, there are application and dosage procedures for each product depending on the surface to be cleaned and disinfected.

  29. Collaborators who carry out cleaning and disinfection tasks use adequate Personal Protection Elements such as: overalls or disposable apron, eye or facial protection, gloves, in addition to a face mask as a provisional preventive element.Los colaboradores que realicen labores de limpieza y desinfección serán capacitados por el proveedor (ECOLAB) en tópicos de higienización de superficies, contaminación cruzada, uso de productos, entre otros, según programa de capacitación disponible.


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