1. The early identification of suspected cases in the hotel will be implemented, through daily control of symptoms of the COVID-19 disease to everyone who enters the hotel. The symptoms control will be, the following:

  • Fever, that is, presenting a body temperature of 37.8ºC or more.

  • Cough.

  • Dyspnea or respiratory distress.

  • Chest pain and Odynophagia or sore throat when eating or swallowing fluids.

  • Myalgia or muscle pain.

  • Chills

  • Headache or headache.

  • Diarrhea.

  • Sudden loss of smell or anosmia.

  • Sudden loss of taste or ageusia.

2. In case the guest presents the symptoms while in the hotel:

  • Give immediate notice to the reception.

  • The Reception must give notice to the Seremi de Salud.

  • The guest will wait for instructions from the Health Department to proceed.

  • Preventively, the entire area where the person with symptoms was should be cleaned and disinfected

3. The hotel must provide the necessary facilities for the guest to be transferred safely for care at the corresponding health center.

4. If there is a well-founded suspicion that a housed person may be affected by Covid-19, it is advisable, first of all:

  • Isolate said person in her room. As far as possible, designate an exclusive area inside the hotel (floor, wing, area), where positive or suspected patients will spend the night.

  • That the reception advises you on contact with the health authority and/or health service.

  • That the reception advises you to manage a safe transfer if necessary. In the event that the client refuses, the tourist accommodation must inform the corresponding Health Authorities so that they can adopt the corresponding measures.

5. The health authority will proceed to identify close contacts and indicate the people who will be subject to mandatory quarantine.

6. The cost of the stay during the time the isolation is maintained must be financed by each visitor.